Case Results


The skilled attorneys of Spector Law Group represent people who have suffered injuries resulting from many kinds of personal injuries, including medical malpractice. The firm’s passion for client advocacy and case preparation has allowed them to recover tens of millions of dollars in settlements and jury awards for their clients.


  • $4,000,000 for a baby who suffered brain damage following delay in delivering baby by c-section.
  • $10,800,000 jury award for a child who developed cerebral palsy as a result of a practitioner’s failure to recognize and treat a uterine rupture during the mother’s pregnancy.
  • $6,000,000 settlement for another child who developed cerebral palsy as a result of labor and delivery malpractice.
  • $4,250,000 settlement for a child who suffered brain damage and developed a seizure disorder when medical staff failed to respond to symptoms of dehydration soon after birth.
  • $3,500,000 settlement for a child who developed cerebral palsy and suffers developmental issues resulting from mismanaged labor and delivery.
  • $650,000 for a baby who suffered from a brachial plexus injury during birth.
  • $675,000 for the wrongful death of a child following a tonsillectomy.

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  • $400,000 A client who suffered severe injuries when another driver ran a red light and t-boned her vehicle.
  • $300,000 for a client who was injured following a head-on collision.
  • $125,000 for a client injured following a rear-end collision.
  • $300,000 for client who suffered Injuries when a tractor-trailer rear-ended her.


  • $150,000,000 Baltimore County verdict against ExxonMobil for residents who suffered from groundwater contamination.
  • $1,700,000 recovery for a Maryland business owner for breach of warranty claim.

Spector Law Group works hard on every case. Our goal is to put your case into the best position to win if trial should be necessary. Often, trial is avoided because of how the cases is developed. Those cases are settled out of court and usually must remain confidential. Examples of recent confidential settlements.

In addition to these recoveries, Mr. Spector has represented a number of clients whose cases resolved without going to trial. These out of court settlements are subject to confidential settlement agreements. Mr. Spector has also represented businesses in matters concerning collections of debts as well contract disputes.

These case results serve as examples and do not guarantee a specific outcome for any specific future medical malpractice case. Each malpractice claim involves different circumstances that increase or decrease a settlement or jury award’s potential value. However, the experienced legal team at Spector Law Group aggressively pursues the maximum amount of compensation commensurate with each client’s malpractice injuries.