With the busy roads and large amount of people crowding the streets during the holiday period, accidents are bound to happen. It is no surprise that hospitals are extremely busy during the holiday season. They are often understaffed and studies show that accidents and negligence in hospitals peak during the holidays.

So if possible, it is in your best interest to avoid a hospital visit during the holidays to decrease the chances of medical malpractice because of errors made during your treatment. If you have been injured because of a mistake in a hospital, contact a medical malpractice attorney as soon as possible to find out all the components in filing a claim.

Common reasons for admissions are as followed: alcohol overdose, domestic violence and car accidents. Some people have extra time off around this time of the year, so they think it’s a good time to have procedures done, but in reality it is completely opposite. In late December into early January hospitals are mainly filled with employees with the least amount of seniority. So you will be treated by nurses with minimal experience or new doctors.  Your prescriptions may even be filled by a pharmaceutical technician temp.

If you do find yourself having to be in a hospital there are a couple of things you can do to make sure you do not run into any problems.   If your doctor is a young resident you can request that they bring a seasoned doctor into the room before any major decisions are made regarding your care. You may also request that your nurse double-checks on any medication administered to you.


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